What is happiness ???

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This post is one of my longest discussions ever (6 hour long). The discussion is about “What is happiness to you?” Before starting off with the theme I should introduce you to 4 people among whom this discussion took place.

Rahul : (a.k.a Saladi, ITEM) My childhood friend (family friend and 1st-4th classmate). It is difficult to describe him in few sentences, he deserves a blog post to be written on his name. Well in few words he is a sheer genius, an all-rounder and a famous ITEM one had ever seen (he surely agrees to this). Most of our thoughts match.

Ravi Kiran V: (a.k.a Pilla) Got close to this guy in second year. One thing you will first observe is his height. Anyways this guy is a good dancer (my guru), guitarist, player and an all time flirt. If you are close to this guy he will do anything for you. (Doesn’t really agree to you quickly)

Srivatsava Daruru: (a.k.a Daruru, Dadda) This guy is highly talented. Topper of our batch. Great philosopher and a poet. Plans to do lots of things but doesn’t really come into limelight. Right now in Texas Austin doing his MS. (Well this guy actually thinks twice before doing anything)

Avinesh P.V.S: (a.k.a Avi, Avigates) Well nothing much about this guy. He has lots of plans to do. Gets inspired quickly from anything. Tries to do all things, least bothers whether he can do or not. This guys mind is very fickle. Only thing is that he has lots of thoughts in mind and end up implementing few things (good thing is that at least few things are done). About his aspirations and dreams I will need another post.

The story goes on like this:

It was the day Daruru got his bike. Rest of us thought we have to get a treat from him and we all went for dinner at Olive gardens. We came back to college at around 00:00 hrs. I was the initiator of this discussion.

Avi: “What is happiness to You? Is it money, fame, power or anything else?? (theme derived from a Hindi Movie).

Ravi: “Happiness to me is money. I want money so that I can buy gifts for others”** :O (he is a gift freak. He likes to give gifts to people close to him).

Daruru: “Well for me money is very important”.

Rahul and I were like, “what is the point in having money, stress and not having mental peace”.

Avi: “Consider that you have an option of choosing between a 20L job (which sucks big time) and a 12L one (which you really like), which one will you take up??”

Ravi: “20 lac job”.

I was like, “You are not at all happy in the process of earning money still you wanna take up the job?”. He was still adamant of taking that job.

Rahul and I were the one’s supporting happiness is in doing the process not in result, i.e., if it is true that one is no at all happy doing the work then how can he/she be happy?? But Ravi and Daruru also had their point that they are more happy from the result, i.e., what ever happens to them they don’t care, but they see happiness in the happiness of others. Well considering that we fought for around 6 hours on the same issue, finally we came to a decision that both process and result are equally important for happiness. It is how one balances them. This was pretty old discussion so couldn’t actually remember how this discussion took place for 6 hours. (Argument between two opposite thoughts can take any number of hours). Ultimately people agreed to each others thoughts and respected them.

After this I came to know everyone has their own point of view of happiness. But one thing is for sure is that happiness is what you really feel from inside, if you try to fake it from outside there is no point. You can fake it on your friends but you cannot fake it on yourself. If one cannot achieve after lots of hard work one should be happy that he/she at least tried hard and they are destined for that. Happiness is what one considers in every possible thing.
For example: If there is breakup of a couple. There is no point in being unhappy. Rather one can think what has happened has happened for good (their ideas are not matching and probably they cannot get along) and live their lives happily. Life is really short, live happily forever.

Well I am a kind of person who can be happy from what I have and what I achieve. What kind of person are you???



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