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Equality & Freedom

2 minute read

It’s about 3 friends discussing about their future, freedom & enjoyment in life. At 23 Its a usual scenario that when young minds meet these are the top...

Am I a “CHILD” or an “ADULT”?

1 minute read

The most common question that youngsters ask themselves “Am I a CHILD or an ADULT?”. Have I grown up? Am I mature enough to take my own decisions??

Reducing the Generation Gap

3 minute read

Dad’s are a great inspiration to their kids. Children always look up to their dad and try to be like them. There is a slight difference in the thinking of...

My Memorable First Goal in Football

3 minute read

Football: 1 ball 22 players. At a time only one man holds the ball. The probability that one holds the ball depends on the team that one is playing against....